Types of Non-ghetto Women who date Black Men

The beautiful Julia Kelly

The beautiful Julia Kelly

Disclaimer: This entire post is referring to, brown/dark skin black men, not light skin black guys, light skin black guys have the luxury of not having a huge polarizing effect in comparison to their darker counterparts, there are plenty of women who will date/fuck a light skin dude but would never in a million years touch a black guy, no big deal.

Types of women who love Black Men:

 1.) DTF Group (Urban women, jungle fever women)

Urban Women- These women usually love Black American Culture, they have no fear of black men at all (sometimes they will get extremely giddy in your presence if you fit their ideal type), they usually live in the city and are really comfortable around ghetto people but they don’t necessarily act ghetto. They can also live in upperclass areas (Although this is very rare) but most urban women reside in middle class to lower income areas.

Jungle Fever- They date strictly black men, no exceptions unless a very high SMV non-black guy approaches them. They can be urban, Preppy or ghetto.

Ghetto Women-Any woman who has a ghetto attitude 100% of the time.

The sliding scale goes:                    Ghetto—–Urban—–Preppy

Most women who love black guys fall in the ghetto and urban categories, the vast majority of my sexual partners  are with women who are in the urban category, only 1 girl was completely ghetto by my definition.

Types of women who love Black Men:

 1.) DTF Group (Urban women, jungle fever women)

-DTF women usually love urban culture, hip hop music, gospel music, Entertainment geared toward Black American culture these women love to death.

-DTF women are sometimes risk takers (I said sometimes, most aren’t) Some DTF women love to smoke, try new drugs, break rules, sometimes rebel against their parents. Key word “SOME”.

-DTF women are very, very comfortable around black people in general, if you are an attractive black guy or are very confident in your approach, their eyes will light up in your presence, you can tell on a first date how comfortable they are around you. Most black guys as they get older can verify which women are DTF and which aren’t based around their comfort level in your presence and how they react to your game.

-Growing up around black people very early in life, immediately slots most girls into the urban category but this doesn’t necessarily mean she will like black guys, I have met a couple urban women who will date urban/ghetto white guys, they aren’t common but they are definitely out there.

-DTF women can sometimes use heavy amounts of black American slang, sometimes they can be very edgy (Love tattoos, facial piercings, very freaky YUM) and usually aren’t afraid of talking openly about socially taboo topics.

An example is the vine below, the girl twerking (TasiaAlexis, look her up on the vine app) is very, very urban and so is her friend, but in person she is might come off as really preppy, which she somewhat is. In my world, she is 50-50 Urban/Preppy, which a lot of young women are (ages 18 to 25). For you older Black men out there these women are becoming increasingly common due to the popularity of mainstream black American culture, I’m not kidding you. I’m 20, I can vouch.


2.)  Maybe Group (Preppy Women, women who haven’t been exposed to Black culture)

Preppy-These women dress the part, have a very reserved personality in public, their manners are usually polite (Obviously unless their a complete bitch) families and social circle are all upperclass, these women are rarely middle class but they can be, they are very uncomfortable around ghetto people. They are very unfamiliar with the vast majority of Black American culture(ask them if they know who Aaliyah is), but they generally think the culture is very “hip”, They are 100% far away from ghetto, if a ghetto person were to approach a preppy woman, they would freeze up most of the time.

-These women are very, very tricky. Hot preppy women that date black men usually dated a very social, alpha black guy in their teenage years and they stuck with it ever since, It is very hard to tell if a gorgeous woman whom is well dressed is urban or preppy, (If you are black you can gather which gorgeous women are ghetto, this is a no-brainer for us).

-I would estimate about 1% of preppy women favor only black men and no one else,  10% of preppy women are neutral toward black men. (meaning if you are attractive and on point game wise, they might give it a shot). Just an estimate based on what I see, I went to a private school that had some really rich ass motherfuckers, I can speak on this with some type of authority. The vast majority of upperclass girls won’t give you a shot, the ones that will, will make your life very, very easy pre-seduction (Before sex).

-If a preppy woman loves urban culture and is comfortable around black guys, she will immediately be slot into the urban category. Preppy woman make up a large majority of the female population. These women will either hate you or love you, there is no seduction you can do on these women, you can tell within the first 15 seconds of approaching whether these women will fuck you or not.

3.) Curvy women/Huge Derriere women

-Lets be honest with ourselves, curvy, pear-shaped women are very, very likely to love black men.

-My theory is that curvy women get hit on by very alpha black men very early in life around their teenage years, most of these women lose their virginity to a black guy around their age in their teenage years and this creates sexual imprint on their young brains.

-This might be a stretch but in my somewhat educated opinion and from my personal experience, 90% of curvy women usually favor black men or are very neutral to dating black men, again when taking my theory into account this seems to be true. I have never met a curvy women who hated black guys. Curvy, urban women are guaranteed to like black guys.

Now that I think about it, I have never met a lower income curvy woman who dated white guys, if they did date white guys, these white guys favored black american culture heavily, coincidence huh?


Jungle Fever (Women who date strictly black men)

-These women can actually become very fucking picky. Here’s why.

-Jungle fever women go through a heavy slut phase in their teenage/college years and sleep with semi-attractive black men to very attractive black men to try out the cock and see if the stereotypes are true.

Once they finish their slut phase, they become ultra picky on picking their ideal Black guy. Contrary to popular belief, jungle fever women become very picky about the types of black men they like, this goes triple for the hottest jungle fever women.

-Jungle fever women can fit in one of the previous 3 categories of women who favor black men, but these women will shit test you into oblivion. Be very careful and make sure you’re confidence and inner game are on point.


Forbidden Fruit:

This isn’t a category, this is more of a phase, due to the positive stereotypes, hypermasculine, and hypersexualized images presented by the mainstream media of black men as these gangster, strong, athletic, sexually gifted men. Many non-ghetto women actually get turned on by this image that is in their head due to the stereotype hype given. All non-ghetto women that are convinced by the positive stereotypes and love sex, will fuck as many semi-attractive/attractive black men as they can in a very quick slut phase, after the slut phase they come back to normal and only will date high quality black men due to growing accustomed to the Black mystique and knowing its mainly a myth.

Women who love to the exotic appeal of black men and haven’t fucked a black guy yet, will enter a forbidden fruit stage:

The longer they are aware of these stereotypes and the longer they can’t obtain this fruit, the hornier they will get for black guys.

After a non-ghetto woman finishes her forbidden fruit phase, she will be slot into the DTF, maybe or curvy women category depending on her upbringing, figure, and early childhood socialization.

The woman will leave the FF phase after the 5th-10th black guy, they snap back to normal, and they will eventually pursue their ideal alpha version of a black man or go back to non-black men.

SideNote:-But here’s the amazing thing about these women, although the vast majority of these women will reject you upfront, if you put in heavy numbers and approach 100 non-ghetto chicks and you are attractive, confident, and you’re game is near flawless. These women will make it very, very easy for you to sleep with them. Being a black man you are immediately polarizing due stereotypes and societal programming, she will make a decision on the spot if she wants to sleep with you or not want to sleep with you, there honestly is no such thing as seduction with interracial dating. Non-ghetto women make a decision on the spot whether they will sleep with you or they won’t, there is no such thing as seduction when gaming as a black guy, Post-sex work needs to be accordingly to lock in a woman for a longer-term relationship in my experience.

Women who aren’t open to dating black men.

1.)Women who hate Black American culture

 -Basically these women grow up in white American culture and grow up around people who dislike black american culture, they might like a couple hip hop songs or a couple of black movies, but overall they are brainwashed against anything black american related, im serious these women exist. (Actually encountered a white women who on her dating profile hated rap and anything black related, and got pissed when I messaged her… uh okay? lmfao.)

-Don’t ask questions just move on quickly to the next one. Trust me you’ll thank yourself later. These women probably make up 10% of non-black female population, they are very uncommon in cities but very common in conservative areas.

 2.)Women from racist families

-Do I have to explain this? haha. These women usually come from very, very conservative families whose ideals are completely far from socially liberal. In socially liberal towns they aren’t that common at all, but in conservative areas be wary and just know that the chances are high you’re dealing with a woman from a racist family.

3.)Non-black Women who are very attracted to their own

-Nothing wrong with these women, they make up about 60% of the non-black women population and just don’t feel any sort of attraction for black men.

Got plenty of material coming soon, sorry for the shitty formatting, Still learning more about WordPress.


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