How to date for Short Men.

How to deal with being short is a big topic, several things need to be addressed in order for you to be successful in dating. As long as you look good and you are generally confident, you will get laid massively with top-tier looking women, no matter how short you are. This well-known but some guys still don’t believe this simple truth. Confidence is so, so underrated.


1.) Handle all of your insecurities

a.)Inner game (your self esteem, happiness, and thought process) must all be taken care of and on point

b.) by in-soles or get elevator shoes to deal with night life environments where women wear 4-6 inch heels, its required that as a short man you buy these as women are super tall in bars/clubs.


2.) You must earn your respect, or you will not be respected in any social context

a.) An unfortunate reality is that short guys just aren’t gonna be respected by default. You’re first impression in a dating/social context must be of a masculine, relaxed, confident male who is generally care-fee and not controlling. You must sub-communicated through your body language, personal appearance, and people’s skills that you are alpha male aka man that deserves respects and you will be fine. If you are pushover, timid, shy you won’t be respected if you are short. I know tall guys who are shy, pushovers, and very timid and they get bullied sometimes. Multiply being short plus timid and you’ll get disrespected 1000x worse accordingly.


3.) Holding frame around hot women and your social circle

a.) If you are under 5’8 and especially if you are under 5’5 you are guaranteed to hear jokes about how short you are. You simply can not be phased by these jokes and you can’t sit there and just be laughed at without saying anything in response.

You must either:

-laugh it off and rub it off and change the subject, which actually is effective.

-Smile and just nod your head

-Or not look like you are annoyed or bothered by the comments


I know sometimes it can hurt and fuck with your ego but practice in


4.) Handle shit tests accordingly, and expect shit tests with really hot women.

a.) Hot women will jokingly bring up your height every time, even if you are a couple inches taller than her. This is very normal and to be expected. Remember women love to test your frame and push their boundaries. Women do this because they want to see how manly you are and they want a masculine, socially dominant man. Not a pussy punk bitch. I usually just joke and say “Short n*****a but my dick long” and brush it off, come up with your own jokes or retorts if you aren’t as confident or socially suave.

Anything else I missed, feel free to add it down below and i’ll add it in.




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