How to date Interracial for Black men


Pulling women of different Socioeconomic classes from yourself

This is a topic a lot of black guys venture into interracial dating need to get informed on and i’m just starting to learn that as a black guy I can’t date top shelf non-ghetto women without having two things those two things being:


Most non-ghetto women usually find their own race attractive or good looking white guys attractive by default. Also another group of non-black women do not have a preference of any race and will date any race of attractive men by default.


Below average looking Jungle fever-type women are the only type of woman average black guys (average looks, social skills, personality) have access too without putting in any type of work at all. Usually these girls throw themselves at any black guy, aren’t too cute, usually a 6 or below. Ghetto-black guys generally very easily get these girls pregnant due to raw dogging these girls cuz they give it up so fucking easy.


The majority of normal black guys can’t do any better than jungle fever type women because they act either very ghetto, no good social skills, have no class.

Dating pool 

Regular black guys generally have a very small dating pool to choose from. They have a small pool ranging from jungle fever non-black women whom find them very attractive (10%), women with no class preference (20%), another group of women who are scared of ghetto black guys and are scared of what their friends will think if they date black man(50%) and Girls who just don’t find black guys (dark skin/brown skin) guys attractive at all (20%).


Regular/ghetto black guys have access to only 10% of women available in their area due to negative stereotypes regarding black people in general.


If you are a brown skin/dark skin guy you must be above average in all categories (Charisma, personal appearance, social skills) to obtain non-ghetto cute women of all races. And increase your dating pool to the point to where you are completely comfortable with all races, classes, and personality types of women.


The two C’s

Class and Confidence


Without Confidence and just class, you might score with average non-ghetto women but you won’t get anywhere due to lack of inner game, no charisma, below average social skills which are all crucial to your success. I will admit with class alone and no charisma if you are above average looking black guy, average social skills, decent style/sex appeal. You will score tremendously with above average looking white women if you put in the numbers. Class alone will give you access to all races outside the ghetto types of women(Ghetto girls hate classy black men.) Looking very high status with dressing right and talking intelligently is a very good start on your journey into obtaining that classy appearance.



The other side of the coin. Confidence is definitely needed if you are average-below average looking black guy. You must be very charismatic, good posture, relaxed, suave in your body language, comfortable in all your social interactions, a grounded masculine voice all demonstrate confidence.


YOU CAN NOT ACT GHETTO, IGNORANT, RATCHET UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE with non-ghetto beautiful women. Now if the women you are dating is ghetto that is totally different story and you can practice a different type of game that I will be covering in another blog post.


Start integrating the above two traits in your persona and you will be in the top 10% of black men in your area in regards to dating. Put in the numbers and you will have a healthy rotation of cute, classy women at your disposal at any time. And believe me it isn’t hard.




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